METALLICO at Dresden Battery Days

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28 September, 2023

From September 25 -27, 2023, Jose Manuel from METALLICO's coordinator IDENER participated in the 4th Dresden Battery Days. The event, organized by our partners from Fraunhofer IKTS, is a valuable platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and sharing insights into the cutting-edge developments that are shaping the future of energy storage. The Dresden Battery Days are known for attracting leading experts and pioneers in the field of battery research and development.

IDENER contributed to the Dresden Battery Days with an engaging talk about the pivotal role of modeling and digital twins in supporting advancements in battery technology. In his talk, our colleague Jose Manuel emphasized the critical importance of modeling and digital twins in the iterative process of battery development. He began by highlighting the intricate nature of battery systems, characterized by multifaceted electrochemical and thermal dynamics. Understanding these complexities is paramount for optimizing battery performance, longevity, and safety.

The heart of his presentation revolved around the concept of digital twins, which are virtual replicas of physical objects or processes. Digital twins enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and simulation of batteries, offering invaluable insights into their behavior under various conditions. Our colleague stressed that, in the fast-evolving landscape of battery technology, digital twins serve as indispensable tools for accelerating research, streamlining design, and enhancing the overall development cycle.

Jose Manuel shared concrete examples of the power of digital twins to drive innovation. These included cases where digital twins were used to simulate battery degradation over time, predict performance under temperature conditions, and optimize charging and discharging strategies for specific applications. The practicality and precision of these simulations were met with enthusiasm and appreciation by the conference audience.

Moreover, our colleague touched upon the importance of data-driven modeling, underlining how data collected from real-world battery usage can be integrated into digital twins to enhance their accuracy and predictive capabilities. This approach empowers IDENER to create more reliable and robust battery systems that cater to the evolving needs of industries ranging from electric vehicles to renewable energy storage.


In addition to IDENER and Fraunhofer IKTS, other METALLICO partners were also present at the Dresden Battery Days: The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Cementos La Cruz and the Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) (see picture above).