First Meeting of the Advisory Board

January 31, 2024


On January 25, 2024, the first meeting of the METALLICO Advisory Board was held online. The members of the Advisory Board are the General Directorate of Mines of the Andalusian government, the University of Huelva and the mining sector association AMINER.

The meeting's main goals were to introduce the project METALLICO and the progress done after one year to the representatives of the institutions. Further, José Luis Cortina from WP1 Leader UPC presented a deeper look into the five METALLICO chemical processes, case studies and the main partners involved in the project. Another goal of the meeting was to discuss and come to an agreement about the way the Advisory Board will work.


The METALLICO Advisory Board. @AtClave

The functions of this Advisory Council are:

  • Provide strategic advice and guidance based on their experience, acting as project mentors. 
  • Support outreach to entities and individuals connected to the project with valuable resources, partners or opportunities from the networks of each of the three components of the Council.
  • Support problem-solving: offer ideas and solutions to challenges the project may face.
  • Contribute knowledge from each area: provide specific knowledge of each area or sector to improve decision-making.