Meet the Partners: LARCO

January 24, 2024


What are your main tasks in the project?

As a leading mining and metallurgical company from Greece and the only producer of ferronickel from domestic ores in Europe, LARCO’s task in METALLICO is to provide the project with laterites and rotary kiln. With that, the other partners of the project are able to investigate the possibility to extract nickel and cobalt or other possible elements in a suitable form for the construction of batteries. We also participate in the engineering of digital tools as well as the process modelling and optimization. Moreover, we will help in the validation of the final products by end users and of the sustainability of the processes. And, of course, we work together with the different teams for stakeholder engagement, communication and project management.


Why do you think METALLICO is important for the general public?

Lithium, nickel and cobalt are critical metals for the development of technologies associated with reducing greenhouse gas emission, such as electric-powered vehicles. The demand for these metals is expected to increase in the following years following the increase in demand for electric-powered vehicles in developed and emerging economies. Currently, most of the global production of nickel and cobalt comes from Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, while Europe only has a minor role in the supply chain. The METALLICO project aims to explore the potential of Europe’s resources and create new pathways for the enrichment and refining of battery elements within Europe.


Dr. Stylianos Tampouris from LARCO. @LARCO