Meet the Partners: G.E.O.S.

What are your main tasks in the project?

G.E.O.S accompanies the optimisation of the COOL+ process which is developed by TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF) and Fraunhofer IKTS to hydrometallurgically extract lithium from ores. In addition to recommendations for improved process control, G.E.O.S. develops the template for engineering. This consists of the preparation of a conceptual, basic and detailed design.


What are your next steps in the project?

After the working meetings with the project partners from TUBAF and Fraunhofer IKTS as well as after the formulation of the first necessary investigations, G.E.O.S. will draw up an initial technological process description as a flow chart.


Why do you think METALLICO is important for the general public?

We need innovative projects to achieve the European Union's goals for a transition to a green and digital world through excellent science. In addition, the European Critical Raw Materials Act will increase the extraction of strategic metals such as lithium. Therefore, it is also important for the public to know how this demand can be met through sustainable practices and new mining or recycling technologies. Further, it should be clear to the public how this can be translated into economic growth, replacing a "not in my backyard" mindset with increased raw material awareness.

Jana Pinka