Meet the Partners: At Clave


4 September, 2023


What are your main tasks in the project?

At Clave is the METALLICO partner that is leading stakeholder engagement, social participation and networking activities in the project. We are also in charge of improving governance instruments.

To reach our aims, we will combine desk research tasks, using an innovative approach in social science, and a variety of activities such as meetings, workshops, interviews and some more creative ones we are shaping. We will also create innovative tools for public awareness creation and participation.

Given our role in the project, we are working together with all partners, but are specially in close contact with María and Ana (IDENER, coordinators), and Jana and Ramona (DECHEMA, communication team). We are very looking forward to contributing to the social awareness of the need for an ethics of circularity in mining.


What are your next steps in the project?

In the next months, we have planned several activities. We are working on the elaboration of two preliminary reports that will help us to better define the rest of our tasks along the project. Further, together with IDENER, we are holding formal presentation meetings to relevant stakeholders in order to define our Advisory Board including Public Administrations, mining sector association and academia (Universities) and expand our regional network.

Together with all partners and DECHEMA, we are working on the European scope stakeholder identification and communication plan. We are also coordinating METALLICO’s commitments in the Cluster Hub “Production of Raw Materials for batteries from European resources”. The next big event will take place during the Raw Materials Week in Brussels. Our aim is also to extend our network with other projects and institutions with common goals.


Why do you think METALLICO is important for the general public?

The three of us, Juan, Ramón and Virginia, have the firm conviction that the clock is ticking for us, as European citizens. We have to be aware that we need to reduce our dependency on critical raw materials supply – for many reasons, for example taking responsibility for what it takes to maintain our present and future quality of life.

So, let's get down to work and contribute to a responsible mining sector right here in Europe. This means conducting EU funded research projects, like METALLICO, to promote secondary resource mining activities and thus be more efficient in recovering metals from tailings and other resources. On this journey, robust social participation must be granted to ensure that the voices of all those affected are heard.

That’s why METALLICO’s integrated approach doesn't only consider the technical aspects of the mining cycle, but also its social implications. By doing so, we can turn the tide in favor of more responsible and inclusive mining practices in Europe that will not only protect our planet but also care and cater to the needs of its people.