CETAQUA: Building Connections for Lithium Supply

Webinar mineria

CETAQUA participated in a webinar organised by InduAmbiente. @CETAQUA

One of METALLICO's goals is to create a digital platform consisting of an inventory of mainly secondary sources with potential for obtaining critical raw materials for battery production, as well as a digital twins tool for modelling and optimising the METALLICO processes. These procedures will be showcased at an industrial scale of relevance (Technology Readiness Levels 6-7) and verified for a varied array of primary and secondary sources found across EU countries.

CETAQUA Chile is a part of the METALLICO consortiumidentify potential resources beyond Europe, ensuring a steady supply of lithium. for possessing a substantial share of the world's primary lithium resources.

Due to this objective, Cetaqua Chile and Cetaqua Barcelona have actively engaged in events linked to the recovery of mining resources during the summer 2023. They had the opportunity to present the METALLICO project at two such events. Noteworthy mentions include Mateo Bruno Pastur's participation in a webinar organised by InduAmbiente and Carlos Echevarría's involvement in WATER CONGRESS 2023, both held in Chile. The primary aim was to cultivate meaningful connections for the expansion of the secondary sources inventory concerning heavy metals within the mining industry in Latin America, aligning seamlessly with the ongoing inventory development.


Carlos Echevarría was involved in WATER CONGRESS 2023. @CETAQUA